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자살은 귀여운

About Me by FAlLURE

Yo, I'm Ryleigh and I don't take myself or my art seriously. I'm sixteen years old and into pastel grunge stuff. I dabble in literature and photography to suit my own aesthetic and I'm fond of crude and offensive humor. I also post in the forums, particularly Deviants and Complaints.

I like Melanie Martinez, Lana del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Lorde, Sia, Lily Allen, Charli XCX, Purity Ring, Broods, Crystal Castles, Die Antwoord, Sublime, Selena Gomez, Muse, Nicki Minaj, The Antlers, Glass Animals, Xiu Xiu, and The Neighbourhood.

Anime I like are Princess Jellyfish, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Death Note, Nichijou, Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann, School Live Club, Sailor Moon, and Mirai Nikki.
The television program I'm currently watching is Orange Is The New Black.

Video Games
I really like Pokémon, Bravely Default, Earthbound, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Brothers, Minecraft, OFF, Shovel Knight, The Binding of Isaac, American McGee's Alice, and Portal.

Additional Information
I'm an atheist, but I do like referencing the Bible in my artwork. I like surrealist paintings and cyberpunk stuff. I cuss too much.
I'm pretty chill in general and despite my controversial and scathing sense of humor, I like to think I'm fairly approachable and friendly once you get past my penchant for cracking morbid jokes.
Also, my boyfriend is cooler than yours.
welcome to my private garden by alaskass

폭력은 재미

Selfie by FAlLURE

그럴 가치가 없어

Wigflip-ds (2) by FAlLURE

.i said death,
death is a closet;
let's all just hang
ourselves up and keep
the place tidy
.throw my bones
on the fire just
to warm up your
then sit
there and wonder
why you're always
Fed bacon to the hog.
comedy, tragedyYeah, fate is a joke -
and the joke was in my hands.
I missed the punchline.
Diabeticall words are
hollow, like trees
brief, like mayflies
loud, like thunder
and, as of late,
infesting my ears,
like mosquitoes.
Dougieyou smell like organs
smeared across a Spring front yard
come into my arms
DecompositionThe first thought that hits my mind is, I should be afraid. I should be flailing, pounding my voice like a fist against the black stage curtains, even as they greedily devour each echo. I should be using up the last of my precious oxygen in a panic; even though I need it now more than ever. I should be afraid, deathly afraid.
My partner certainly is. She pounds haplessly on the thick glass window of the ship, her green eyes wide with distress. We don’t get to see much green out here. I’m lucky, I think, but nothing remotely akin to “Oh no, I’ll soon face a slow and lonely death, far from anyone I’ve ever held dear.” Her eyes are green, and I think of earth not as a home I will now never see again, but a distant jewel, a lost treasure buried in the deep clasps of a silent, dark temple. Something I would have heard fairy tales about as a kid. Something precious, something legendary. I don’t feel a horror or impending loss, mo
Don't ChangeI did it to protect them, all of them.
It started with seconds, little snapshots in time, dancing and glitching about like I'd delayed the frame rate of life. Moments would solidify like impatient concrete – all at once – before slipping back into the current and getting washed away with the past, drowning beneath more memories. At first, I'd thought there was something wrong with my eyes. I'd told my parents. Doctors had checked me again and again, but there was nothing wrong – not that they could determine, anyway. But time would still smoothly flicker in and out and no one seemed to realize it but me.
It eventually increased to minutes – at least, as far as I could count in my head at the time. When you do something often enough it becomes second nature, a part of your brain you don't control. Even when the world flowed naturally I found myself counting the seconds, the minutes, the hours, like an invisible timer was embedded in my head. Clocks became virtual
In a rose garden
No.Goodbye to you.
Still friends, right?
Happy HourAs spirits are downed, spirits rise. HospitalI comb my hair knowing it will be dishevelled when the cuckoo sings
103 - Exeggutor by Sprite3G


인생은 무의미

Lit by FAlLURE

california white shirt, baby- i'm your groupie, star divine 
got that California cool, got that Cadillac sunshine 
and you smashed my knees to pieces; stole my heart- my Toltec pride 
you're my heartthrob, golden idol- sacrifice me; suicide 
eres mío, triste niño; dame todo, piel y oro 
let's get high and let's go down; rough, in love- black and blue 
you tantalise and galvanise me; i know the world spins just for you
gloss jacuzzi blue and Modelo between your lips, and-
we are electric- codependent; sizzle, baby- deep end 
you push away and pull back in- paper boats lost at sea 
you went and sunk me when you told me "you're too good for me" 
and that's a lie, that's some bullshit- thanked you for your honesty 
a fallen leaf and teenage grief- solar flares and quasars 
and i'll digest these butterflies, but you're the iron to my stars 
caramel hanging honeypots hooked to the folds 
of jaundiced skin and blubber bones 
and cheddar moons break chopstick stilts 
beehives burst; caramel guilt   
pick at the wounds between wax teeth 
cry to the pulse of your butter heartbeat
fortune cookie bitter ghosts in sugar shells, leave your shoes outside 
sour sweet-talk gets you far- you shoot for regicide 
 i'll vivisect and double-break you; paper tongues are weak 
your terracotta teeth won't hurt me- myths and doublespeak 
i'll crawl inside my own rib cage and climb up Babylon 
and when your lucky numbers die, i'll know that you are gone
bubblegum sitting in the navel of a bottle blonde broad
and cutting my gold teeth on the art of spray-on bronze
i swallow sunwashed hair and sip liquid sweet cocaine
but the buzz is dead and done; hiss and sizzle, bubble brain
her lips are double deckers and her eyes are neon swans
and though she's far from Christian, she can't help but "oh my god!"
teen sitcomshe's a carousel of lovers; bow before homecoming queen
built from holy Roman marble and a pound of Maybeline
a hundred cameras catching teeth; unconscious girl out the door
friendship bracelets slipping off and melodrama turns to gore
cherries popped beneath high-heels; pulses slow down to a crawl 
no more teacups, dolls are gone- big girls play with alcohol 
molars i won't bite my tongue 
i've ground my teeth for too long 
over unsaid words  
what else is new?i'm so desperate 
i dream of electric sleep
(bathing with toasters)
suburbia and i can see Betelgeuse in the oil of your orbit 
Simon says to twist- contort; knots in throat 
i'd like to file a police report; don't hang up 
sneakers on the power lines
asphalt in your arteries
and i can see Polaris in the coil of your vertebrae  
like the weeds in concrete slabs 
curling guts in the hollows of ribs
 i'm hurling- you smell like sad things 
and your xerox copy fur looks so lovely 
in the suburban orange lamp light 
(i'd wear it if i could find the other pieces) 
siberia and i look at all the ridges and 
the river reds, the liver round stumps
of butter fingered shame 
the glass biting the crevices 
insidious like a mother's slap 
(you didn't even like that vase)

001 - Bulbasaur by Sprite3G

배짱과 고어

Photography by FAlLURE

i know where her body is by FAlLUREi love the patriarchy by FAlLUREthings by FAlLUREblistered uterine polyps by FAlLUREcurb stomp by FAlLUREroadkill by FAlLUREtybalt by FAlLUREinsert tab a into slot b by FAlLUREI dunno by FAlLUREthis is some pretentious lo fi shit right here by FAlLURE
102 - Exeggcute by Sprite3G


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